Anyone out there riding the COBL GOBL-R?
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I have one of these that I am using on my Foundry Auger.  It has really softened up the rear end, comfort wise.  I use a 31.6 to 27.2 shim to make it fit the frame.  So far no creaks or issues.  I pulled the post from my Roubaix, and it has been great!

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I have one on my Crux Elite EVO. It does take an edge off the sharp bumps. The movement is perceptible if you think about it, but not very noticeable. Certainly not objectionable. The saddle does set back more than normal, which could be a problem if normally run your saddle far forward.
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I've been using a CG-R for about 2 weeks/250 miles and can barely tell if it absorbs bumps.  The setback on it is immense (more than the 25mm advertised), and in order to feel the compliance I have to sit on the tail of the saddle.  Moving the saddle ALL THE WAY forward minimizes the geometry change but loses the built in rail compliance.  That said, my lower back doesn't hurt as much as it used to while riding.  I don't know if that's because of the post or because of something else.

I probably wouldn't spend 200 bucks on it if I had to do it over.

I should add that it's a newer version than the one in the video and I can't compress this one like that little hipster can. 
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I put one on my road bike that I commute on and noticed an immediate difference. Many of the root bumps and asphalt cracks that I used to get off the saddle for are no longer an issue. When crossing wooden bridges, I stay seated and keep pedaling.

When my gravel bike arrived, I immediately swapped the Coble Gobler to it. It takes the harshness out of rough terrain. I do not feel the deflection, but the ride is just a tad smoother and I stay seated more. I think this allows me to rider longer than I would without the seat post, but that is a very subjective assessment.
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My local bike shop is a Spesh dealer / very good bike shop thankfully.  I took a spin on a couple Spesh road bikes with that and/or Zertz,  over local old brick streets, last summer.  The bikes may have had similar dampening at the chain stays and carbon forks as well > I can't remember.....

Anyways between the bikes with vibration dampening and with out > Yes very noticeable to me. 

I believe the Gobl-R was set up on one I used as well.
Enjoy the outdoors....
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I bought one last year and initially put it on my Specialized Roubaix where I could feel some positive difference when riding gravel roads but very little on pavement. I have now replaced the thudbuster on my Salsa Fargo with it and I really like it on that bike. It does as good of job as the thudbuster and with a lot less weight.
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