Guitar Ted did a quick review of the Soma Fabrications Junebug Bar recently. It's worth a read if you're interested in drop bars.

"Soma Fabrications “Junebug” Bar: Quick Review:
In the world of handle bars, there are road drop bars, mountain bike bars of several various types, and a few strange, “alternative bars”. Some of those bars, like “TT” bars, “bull horns”, and the like are well known bars for specific purposes. Then there is the dark and nefarious world of off-road drop bars. This review concerns itself with one of the few flared drop bars for off-road that you can get your hands on easily- the Soma Fabrications Junebug Bar."

Read the rest of the review and see the pictures HERE

Have any of you used these? Do you use some other drop bars and wondering about these? Share your thoughts and questions on this thread.
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Guitar Ted
Hey all! I got the following question about the Junebug:

It's hard to tell from pictures and published numbers, but would something like this fall in between Salsa's Cowbell and Woodchipper? I'm running a Cowbell now, but I'd like a little more splay in the drops... I think? Woodchippers feel pretty good on the shop floor when I sit across the Fargo, but I'm concerned about the ergonomics of shifting (STI's, which I really like) out in the real world.

Answer: In comparisons of off-road drop bars, it is really hard, generally, to say a certain bar is "like" another, because most are so different from each other. The exception would be this bar, the On One Midge, and the original Origin 8 Gary Bar, (out of production). Those three bars are quite similar.

The Cowbell is most like a varying radius road drop bar with a slight flare, and the Woodchipper is a radically flared/swept drop bar with really odd hooks. If I was pressed to say where the Junebug fell in between those two bars, I would place it on a continuum closer to the Cowbell than the Woodchipper, but it isn't really like either one.

It sounds, by the description you give, that a Ragley Luxy Bar might have been the best alternative for you, but alas- they are no longer available. There are rumors it is going to be resurrected. There are also a couple of other rumored drop bars being talked about, but they are not close to reality as of now.

You might also be interested in the Gary Sweep OS Bar, which I reviewed here:
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Thanks! I've definitely been watching your reviews of both the JuneBug and the Gary Sweep OS. I'll probably try at least one of them out soon. 

This is my first-ever drop bar bike, so I don't have much frame-of-reference for different styles of bars... so thanks so much for your help!

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