I'm about to buy this Gravel frame from Tan Tan (unless anyone is about to tell me it is complete junk!!):
Seraph GR029.jpg 
I thought I would update folk on build as it goes along (be warned, it will be a slow burn as work is busy at the moment) but I thought it might be useful or interesting for anyone else considering this frame. 

I've not been able to find much online (there's probably a thread on this very forum that I've missed  - point it out if so and I will delete this one!).


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Something I've really been struggling with with trying to find some alternative thru axles for this frame to replace the heavy ones the Tan Tan produce for it:

As the neither the forks or rear drop outs are threaded and therefore require locknuts it seems that the lengths are not standard.
I've found one other manufacturer that produces a set but only for a 15x100mm fork, not the 12x100 I was hoping to go for and a place where they will make custom sizes.

All of these alternatives are of the screw in type rather than the cam type. Does anyone know if the screw in type thru axles will be suitable for frames that require lock nuts on the thru axles?

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