Are you racing the Ragnarok? Have you checked out the roster?

It's posted HERE.

Anyone on here have experience with that race?  Lets hear your thoughts.
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It's a great time with anything possible when it comes to the weather. I have written a couple of race reports on it with the latest found at:
Ride on!
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It's just too bad that anyone reading about it now for the first time can't get in until 2015!

I've got a couple blog posts as well, but they are really more like race reports other than this one...

hope to see you in 2015
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Registration is open for another 1.5 weeks or so. If you would like your chance at getting on the 2015 ride roster you need your postcard postmarked by Dec 31. If we have more than 105 cards we will have a lottery for the spots. Anyone not in the lucky 105 list will be drawn to the wait list. Note that because of the early season, weather, lack of registration fee, we have typically seen quite a few dropouts every spring. In fact I think last year we rolled through our whole wait list.

Details can be found at .
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