This is the official Dirty Kanza transfer thread. Please use this thread to post 1) the Dirty Kanza entry you're looking to get 2) the Dirty Kanza entry you're looking to get rid of and/or 3) any other Dirty Kanza transfer/entry information that you need help with. This will help to keep all of the requests in one spot. From here you all can contact each other privately to work out the details.

[Please note: We at Riding Gravel are not assisting with any of this. We're just providing you a spot to connect. Please address any questions to Dirty Kanza. See below for all of the information.]

From Dirty Kanza:
2016 Dirty Kanza Event Entry Transfer Procedure

[Note: The deadline for entry transfers is the end of day Saturday, May 7th (11:59pm CST)]

Registration for the 2016 Dirty Kanza filled to capacity in record time. Spots sold so quickly, in fact, that many folks were caught off guard. has created an “Official Dirty Kanza Transfer Thread”, which will serve as the clearing house location for those seeking to sell, or seeking to obtain an entry in Dirty Kanza 2016.

The following describes the process required to transfer a Dirty Kanza entry:
  • It is the responsibility of the person currently registered for Dirty Kanza to find someone wanting to acquire their event entry.
  • The rider currently registered for Dirty Kanza must submit an email to Dirty Kanza Promotions (at, stating their desire to have their event entry transferred.
  • This email must include the new rider’s name and email address, and should also be sent to the new rider.
  • This email MUST originate from the same email address provided on the original event registration. Emails originating from any other email address will be assumed to have originated from an unauthorized source, and will therefore be ignored.
  • The new rider must then “Reply All” and provide a statement confirming their desire to assume the event entry.
  • They must also provide the following information: Name, Complete Mailing Address, Day of Cell Number, Email Address, Date of Birth, Race Classification, Emergency Contact Name & Number, T-Shirt Size. (For a list of race classifications, refer to the 2016 DK Riders Bible, which can be found at
Dirty Kanza Promotions will process the event entry transfer, and then “Reply All” with confirmation the transfer of entry has been completed.

Any payment for the event entry is between the original owner of the entry, and the person assuming the entry. Dirty Kanza will not issue any refunds. It is expected that any payment made will not exceed the original cost of the entry.
Dirty Kanza will not manage a “wait list”, nor will we act as “match maker” to help anyone find an entry. Do not simply “give” your DK entry to someone, then have them show up for Rider Sign-In. All riders will be required to show a government-issued photo I.D. in order to obtain their event packet. If they aren’t on our roster, they won’t be allowed to ride. No exceptions.

Questions about this procedure can be submitted to

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Looking for a spot in the 200.
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Got my spot. Thanks.
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Looking for a spot in the DK100 please. Thank you.
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LOOKING for DK 200 Entry - thank you!  Please email me at
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Looking for a women's 100 mile entry
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Looking for DK100 spot.  Many Thanks.
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My brother and I need two (2) spots for the DK 100.  Having ridden the DK the past two years in a row, this is something we look forward to all year long.  Let me know if you have a DK 100 spot or two.

Thank you!
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I'm looking for a slot in the DK100.  Someone help a sista out?
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Looking for a spot in the dk half pint 100. If I get a spot in the 100 I will give up my spot in the 50.
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Looking for two spots on the 100. Thanks!
Will take them one at a time if I need to. 
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D Patterson34
Looking for a spot in the DK 50 please...thanks
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I need a half pint registration. My Father-in-Law thought he had registered, but ended up getting a message saying it didn't go through. He's the only one in our group that didn't get in. Thanks in advance.
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I would like to get an entry into the men's DK 100. Thanks!

And now adding a request for one more, for a friend.  Thanks!
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I am looking for DK 100 female registration.  I finished last year the half pint and would love to try again, then 2017 the 200.  Please help me out.
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Looking for an entry for the women's Half-Pint category.

I am also registered for the 50 mile option, so if anyone is interested, we can swap!

From reading the documentation, a rider from any category can transfer a registration to a rider for a different category, is that correct?
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I am looking for a spot in the Men's DK 100. I having been training this fall and missed the registration by a few minutes.
I have a DK lite 50 if anyone would like to trade.
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Hello.....I'm looking for an entry in the Men's DK 100. I missed the entry by a few minutes and would like to join two of my buddies who got in. Thanks in advance.
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AGAIN! I missed the 2016 registration DK200. I'm 0 for 2 having also missed last year. I'd really like to join others who successfully made the deadline in the DK200 (actually I'd like to enter and edge them out). I'll put your entry to good use. Please contact me if you have an entry to transfer.
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My dad and brother both got in for the DK 100 and unfortunately it sold out before I could register. I missed out on last year and do not want to miss riding with them this year. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!
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I am interested in a spot for the DK Lite 50.  I rode the Lunar Kanza last summer and I now I am looking forward to this ride.  I have three friends who registered in time that I would like to join.  Thanks.
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Like a rat in a cage I kept hitting the lever for a pellet, at 0800 sharp, but to no avail.  If anyone wants to transfer a men's DK100, I'm interested.  
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Looking for men's DK100 (preferred) or DK200 slot for anyone interested in a transfer. Equipment failure resulted in a DNF last year, so really looking to give it another go. Suspecting that this thread will be rather one-way until closer to the event, but if there might be a chance of a transfer, let me know, happy to work out an agreeable arrangement.

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And now adding a request for one more DK 100 transfer, for a friend.  Thanks!
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Nees 2 spots for men's DK 100 to fulfill dream to bike at the Premier gravel race!
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