I am building up a new bike and I want a steel frame that will fit 650B x 47 tires and thru axles.
I am considering the following frames. They are all about in the same price range. 

Vassago Fisticuff
Black Mountain Cycles road +
Raleigh Tamland 1 (2017 complete bike, just using the frame set)

 Thanks for your help.
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Mike Varley's service with Black Mountain is exceptional. If you have any questions before buying, just send him an email or call. I've had three frames that he has designed and they all rode great. Excellent construction and finish as well.
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+1 for Black Mountain Cycles. Mikes frames are well designed, welded by highly skilled welders, and shouks sell for more imo. You'll have many years of happy miles on one of those.
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