If you're in the Upper Midwest and looking for something in the fall, check out Heck of the North.
Their website is live. Click here.

Share your pictures, wisdom, desire to ride it, or anything else about the ride on this thread.

From their site:


The Heck of the North was started in 2009. As I returned home from the Almanzo 100, and having recently finished the Ragnarok, I came to the conclusion that the Northland needed to represent. So started the many mornings before work pouring over county maps and the many sorties up dusty, dead-end roads.  After a long and wonderful search process, I pieced together the gravel framework that would become the “Heck.”

The Heck of the North shares the premise of other great, adventure style events, namely…you are on your own and responsible for getting home by the skill of only your own hard work. No support from teams, bystanders or event volunteers. There is no prize money and no licenses. The Heck is an event that lives solely for the love of the cyclist, their rig and the country they ride through.

The Heck of the North may at some point take other routes or make some changes. I believe in evolution and this thing hopefully will change for the better every year. My intent, though, is to never lose the heart of the event. That belongs to the cyclist and the gravel road."

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Guitar Ted

From The Heck of the North website:

Put Saturday, October 3rd on your calender. The 7th annual Heck of the North Gravel Cycling Classic is set to rock.

New this year (also October 3) is the “Half of the Heck”…somewhere in the neighborhood of 55 miles of Heck worthy gravel and trail. A perfect intro to the world of Northwoods gravel racing. More details to come.

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