Share your thoughts, questions, comments, pictures, or anything else about the Gravelleurs Raid on this thread.

The Gravelleurs Raid will be a 100+ mile gravel road bicycle race starting and finishing in Lawrence, KS on 12 Apr 2015.


Hit me up with your questions.
Question #1: Is it a self supported race? Yes
Question#2: Is there a SAG? Yes, one SAG spot @ 50 mile point. Next to a Casey’s Convenience store.
Question#3: Will there be a GPS release? Yes, once the course is finalized.

SPONSORS: Team GO! Racing, Sunflower Outdoor & Bike Shop, Johnny’s Tavern, the Lawrence Mountain Bike Club, the Lawrence Bicycle Club and Meadowbrook Apartments.

There will be cash payouts for the Open Class Men and Women, SingleSpeed Class Men and Women and now thanks to a new sponsor cash payout for the MTB/Fat Bike Men and Women and cool merchandise for all other classes.

There will be post race food, Pizza and a drink, provided to racers courtesy of Johnny’s Tavern.

For more information, head over to our event calendar.
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I'm looking forward to this race. There should be some good elevation to deal with. At last check I think there were only 25 signed up. I'm sure that will increase as the date gets closer.
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