So, my current dirt/gravel bike is a a trusty 2001 Lemond Poprad.  853 with stock straight leg steel fork (which I love the look of)  Running a single bar end shifter 1x9.  Cane Creek cantis/TRP levers/CC cross levers.  Wheels are DT Swiss 240s hub/415 rim 28h front/32h rear.
I have no real complaints other than I wish it had room for wider tires.  Currently 700x35 Clement USH which seem completely sufficient. 
But the more I ride off the road the more I like it.  As much as I like my bike, part of me can't help but wonder if a more contemporary or "discipline specific" bike might enhance the experience even more.  Longer wheelbase, disc brakes, better geometry, lighter weight .... do I need this stuff or once I ride it will I think, "better but not $$$ much better"?
Let me finally add that I'm not a racer.  I like a spirited ride as much as anyone else, but at my age (55 this year) have no illusions of becoming a gravel monster.

I'm just thinking out loud here.  You folks have any thoughts on this?


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If the only limitation is the chainstay clearance, you might be able to get a framebuilder to crimp a little more clearance for you.
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