Here is reason #232 why people are on this forum rather than a cyclocross or road-focused forum....

They think that this statement is silly:

Nys says "The difference [in weight] is about two bottles of water, and it's not all in the brakes," Nys said. "It's an adapted frame which is strengthened. It's too much. Too much to run up a climb with that bike on your back."

Too much to run up a climb? Is it too much for you?
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At Nys' level, I can see his point. If he's racing against guys on lighter bikes, then he's at a disadvantage (even if it's in his head).

For the average Joe/Jane that wants to ride on dirt or gravel roads/trails, it's really no big deal. - ride everything
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Sounds like to me that Nys is just whining. Really "weight is about two bottles of water". I would think as a Pro, they would have access to the lightest components made available to them and i have read that high-end disc brakes compared to caliper brakes is less than 100 gms different. I have now been riding with disc brakes for little over a year on my road/gravel bike, I like the stoping power when the wheels are wet and the quick response when someone in front of me does a quick stop, just not good for the people behind me if i do a quick stop.
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When you've been racing cross for 20+ years and have 250+ elite level victories under your belt I think you're qualified to decide what equipment you want to run in specific races.
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At my skill level, the disc brakes are worth the extra weight. I ride with a lot more confidence with the disc brakes. I'll never buy another cross/gravel bike without disc brakes.
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