Did a fun loop through the north end of the Big Hole mountains of Idaho yesterday with friends. We had some idea of where we wanted to go, but hadn't explored most of these roads and trails before. We lucked out and had a great exploratory ride with lots of variety.

Kat bonding with her new Fargo 2:

Every now and then we were reminded that some of these trails don't get a lot of traffic:

My rig:

Kat again, obviously not having a good time at all:


The final leg of the loop dropped us down out of the mountains and into the high rolling fields and foothills, with great views of the Tetons:

and then the darkening sky cut loose, and we rode the rest of the way in a pretty good downpour:

An absolutely great ride that we all agreed we'd like to do again. Of course, it ended as most of our local rides seem to, at the Grand Teton Brewery:

Unlearn pavement.
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Looks like a BeeYOOTiful Day! Thanks for sharing....
No such thing as bad weather....just bad clothing...
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Wonderful!  Great riding partners, beautiful country.

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Would kill for some of that terrain nearby.
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