Hi folks, 

I've been reading the forums here for a little while now as I'm in the process of building up my first gravel bike. The bike will be used predominantly (unfortunately) for training on winter roads with studded tyres. but i hope to get out for some gravel adventures next season too. 

So im looking for a frame set that will fit at least 35mm tyres with mudguards but will also have clearance for 50/34 oval (absoluteblack) chain rings. Absolute blacks sub-compact 48/32 chainrings arent an option for me since ive been informed by absoluteblack that they will not fin either my Power2max NG or Quark Dfour powermeters. 

I'm also trying to keep the budget down so looking mainly to Chinese carbon frames as me and my club mates have had good experiences with several models of road and MTB frames from china. 

Trek have told me the Checkpoint ALR frameset should fit a 52/36 which means the 50/34 oval should fit fine too. however its going to cost me quite a bit (about double) more than a Chinese carbon frame it seems. plus it will be heavier. 

Does anyone know of any Chinese/cheapish gravel bike frames (preferably carbon) that will fit a 50/34 oval or 52/36 round) chaniset?
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Rashad F
It's not technically a gravel bike, but you can definitely fit those ring combos and 35mm tires on a Trek Domane.  My guess is you could probably do the same  on  a Specialized Diverge or Giant Revolt Advanced.
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JimmyD ... have to say, your inquiry threw me (smiling). 

The set up your are looking (capability to run higher front gearing) on 35's isn't what gravel riders typically look for, particularly if they plan to ride on potentially icy roads/studded tires.   I would go so far as to say, that if you plan to ride challenging gravel .... 50/34 is plenty high, for even above average riders.......for long distance gravel, a lot more time spent under 25 mph than over!  But, it is certainly your call, not mine, for sure .........so trying to be helpful......most gravel bike frames can handle the 50/34 ...... fact is, that is what comes with the majority of the 2x gravel bikes sold at the moment.

I can't speak for the Chinese frames.   There are a couple of threads in this section of the site describing a couple Chinese frames that look like they fit your parameters ... check them out.

Other than that, I have another suggestion.   This time of year, last years model frames are on sale (as are some complete bikes cheaper than you can build them at times).

I don't know what size you want ..... But here is a Black/Grey Carbon RidleyXTrail frame in small and large for around $900 US.   The RidleyXtrail has clearance for 35's and will handle the front gearing you inquired about.   The 1/2 off carbon frames in common sizes don't last long typically, so be ready to pounce. 

Here is the $900 frame referenced above  with  modern features you may have to pay extra for from china

I believe the Xtrail frame checks all the box's you listed!!

My main gravel bike is an Xtrail.

More info on the Xtrail here, including pictures of some with fenders.

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Could be worth asking if those rings fit this (specs mention 52/36).

A bit over budget perhaps, but bonus snow vid!
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Thanks for the input guys.

Thant Holdsworth looks good. i only say 50/34 chainrings mentioned on the page for the 2x complete bike versions. but yeah that doesn't mean 52/36 cant fit. but it is more expensive than the chinese alternatives. 

Unfortunately the Competitivecyclist and backcountry sites dont work in europe anymore so i can cant see that sale offer for the Xtrail. the Trail does sound like it might fit the bill though, but again its out of my budget. 

So, yesterday i placed an order for an ICAN GRA02 frameset after reading the great reviews on this forum https://forums.mtbr.com/gravel-bikes/ican-gra02-gravel-bike-frame-1087309.html

I came across a thread on this site  in which an owner says he's running 52/36 chainrings! even though the official word from ICAN is 50/34 is the max. But if it works it works. it was also about the cheapest option and i like that i a stack and reach thats similar to a road bike which will suit my primary use better. 

Thanks again!!
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 I think your clearance the AB chainrings will be fine on the ICAN GRA02 frameset.

I have been running the AbsoluteBlack 32/48 chainrings on an Easton Crankset and powermeter for 3500km. My frameset is a Carbonda CFR696 which has a dropped chainstay and clearance for 700x 50 or 650x2.1". I learned that AB move the Chainline inward by 3mm from standard to improve shifting performance. This is fine on most frames , and I think it will be fine for you too, but it meant I only had 3mm clearance between my chainstay and the chainring, so I have just switched to Easton 32/47 round chainrings, and will sell the AB chainrings.  
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