I am considering a "gravel" bike (it will be number 4 for me-I have 2 road bikes (carbon and steel) and a steel mountain bike).  I am thinking of giving one of the aluminum bikes a go to save some weight and cash.  I know there are those who like the Niner RLT, but wondering if anyone has ridden some others such as the Raleigh Willard (patterned on the Tamland), or maybe even the Diamondback Haanjo.  The 2015 Haanjo Trail seems like a good deal with ultegra, HED rims, HYRD brakes for $1700.  Thanks.
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Good luck finding a Willard -- I've been trying to find one to test ride with no luck. I'm currently riding an aluminum cx bike (KHS) with a carbon fork, but would like something a bit more stable on the loose stuff.

I had not heard of the Haanjo. I would personally go with the Comp because of the price, but thanks for posting that one since it wasn't on my radar.
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I have not tried those models but,  in regards to aluminum ,  I had all steel up until about 2 years ago when I purchased (new) an aluminum.  I worked with both metals along with stainless for years as a journeyman in the skilled union building trades, fabricating, welding,etc.

I have not noticed a difference in ride quality either way.  I think it's first more to do with the tires,rubber, air psi,etc than anything along with geometry, fork rake etc.  

"costs" -  Lower cost is a result of more efficient manufacturing,  often at the expense of much higher initial manufacturing process investment.

The pound per cost of bicycle frame raw materials from lowest to highest.  Steel > Aluminum > Stainless > Titanium 

metal is metal..........   

carbon fiber is different .....

Enjoy the outdoors....
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