Hey all,

I've been hearing some grousing about the Steve Hed memorial loop being only 15 miles long, so I decided to design (what I hope is) a Hed-worthy route. Below are links to ridewithgps files of a cross state gravel route.

Qualifiers and Notes
1. You're on your own, duh. This is in no way a RAGBRAI approved or supported route.
2. I have not rode this route, it has strictly been routed with the most up to date mapping info I could find. I'm sorry if road construction or a bridge out causes snarls, but there is nothing I can do about it. 
3. I've done my best to hit all the through towns. That includes the Karras loop town of Radcliffe, and some, but not all of the official Hed loop.
4. Route follows official route when entering and exiting larger cites. 
5. #4 and #5 + maximum gravel yields some screwbally routes. Tried to keep things simple, promise.

I will be riding the first day. Feel like joining me? It'll be a pretty casual ride.

If you do some or all of this route I would love to hear how it went. Yes, even if it went horribly.

--->If you are local to areas near the route, I would love to have your input or corrections to make the route better.

Day 1:Sioux City to Storm Lake
Day 2: Storm Lake to Ft Dodge
Day 3: Ft Dodge to Eldora
Day 4: Eldora to Cedar Falls
Day 5: Cedar Falls to Hiawatha
Day 6: Hiawatha to Coralville
Day 7: Coralville to Davenport
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Hey There,

I live in the Quad Cities and ride part of route 7 pretty regularly.  At mile 60 I would suggest turning right on 7 Sisters Rd. and then left on 180th St. it still hooks up with 110th Ave but is much more scenic than the rest of 190th st.  Where are you officially hooking up with the RAGBRAI route?  I could also give suggestions on coming into town on some beautiful paved country roads depending on where you are trying to hook up.

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Thanks quinnk!

I've made the suggested change. To keep things simple the route now runs on 7 sisters/100th until it joins the paved route at 160th St
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Is the RAGBRAI route coming in on 160th as it comes into Davenport?  Just curious, i haven't checked.
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It is. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a handy zoomable map. This is what I used when planning the gravel route.
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Thanks for your journey. Can you add some picture of your journey for me.
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I would love to participate in the journey, and I think that this is an attractive itinerary. However I was quite far away you can not participate, we hope to have a chance to join with you. thanks
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mai chau
thanks for sharing the article!
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