• Curto Dirto 50 mile fundraiser ride!

    Started by BurkC: Wrong forum (because I am an idiot) Can a moderator move this to the correct place please?

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  • Cannondale MTB conversion

    Started by TomG11: Hello gravelers, that is my first post in the forum, I hope this is the right session. I would like to ask your opinions about my idea. I have a...

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  • viper mtb conversion

    Started by rforcen: hi guys, my first post here, greetings from spain!, i'd like to introduce my recent build based on a viper x-team alum. mtb frame, unbranded carbon...

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  • 44 Bikes

    Started by frontrangegravel: Any intel on this 44 Bikes rig? From the 44 FB Page .

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  • Yipsan Bicycles

    Started by zeroack: Gotta give my man Renold some props. He built my monster cross that I love so much. Have a look at his work then give him a call. Super great guy...

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  • Zukas Cycles

    Started by dgaddis1: I've known Nate for about 7 years now, he's the head mechanic at my favorite LBS. When he got into building frames I really wanted one, but, my wife...

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  • Harvey Cycle Works

    Started by 2slow2Bfast: I'm having Harvey Cycle Works build me my dream rando/gravel machine this winter. He's based in Indianapolis. I have a road bike from him with S S...

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  • Matter Cycles

    Started by co-dlk: Thought I would post some pics of the initial work from Matter Cycles

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  • "Gravel" Tubesets

    Started by frontrangegravel: Interesting...... Nova now is selling a gravel-specific tubeset .

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  • Hed Model F frame

    Started by AndyTetmeyer: Hi, I am Andy Tetmeyer at Hed Wheels. We're making a frame that fits the into the "small builders" mold. Erik Noren of...

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