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Well I finally bit the bullet today and bought the 2017 Roker. I didn't think it would get any cheaper.

$1799.00 Corporate price
$1739.99 Black Friday price
$1652.99 with the save5 discount By using the save5 discount not only did I save another $87 off the bike it also didn't charge me any sales tax.

My LBS that I use is a Giant/Lynskey dealer but I couldn't justify or afford a $3300 bike right now. He also isn't a big 1x fan but I guess he will take my money on the assembly. I figured $75 for the final assembly and figure with the no sales tax/shipping/and or the save5 discount I could afford to have him assemble it. I don't know how to get the front caliper on as that was off the Tamland when I received it. 

Thanks to everyone on this forum helping me get through this process. I do feel like I got a great deal on this bike just like I did the Tamland 1 in the spring.

Thanks everybody

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