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Anyone care to speculate the pros and cons of one of these over the other for competitive racing in east Kansas gravel grinder events?


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I've ridden them both not racing though. The Flintridge I have when first came out measures **41mm on my rims 21iw. The G one only puffed 1-2 mm Schwalbe is faster, Flintridge better in extreme dirt.

Paved Schwalbe Wins
Crushed packed gravel Schwalbe Wins
Medium Gravel Schwalbe Wins

Mud Kenda Wins
Single track Kenda Wins
Unpredictable terrain with no paved Kenda Wins

Rough long miles of gravel NA
*Ease of mounting Kenda Wins
Comfort even
Puncture protection not enough time on Kenda but I did have a puncture with Gone@700 miles

*Mounting issues are rim dependent and in my case my rim diameter was at issue.
Bottom line, lots of variables, terrain,rider skill, bike wheels etc. I would lean towards the Gones.
But the Kendra's are a good tire too.
** If the Kenda stayed true to size for me the results would be a lot closer, essentially comparing 2 different size tires even though it was marked 35

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I've got Flintridge 35 mounted on my bike and have roughly 300 mi on them in the KS Flint Hills. They don't look like they have any wear, so I'll be using them for DK. They also do a reasonably good job in rideable mud.

They mount very easily, but are a pain in the a** to seat for tubeless use (I'm running tubeless). So I wouldn't bother trying to reseal and seat them on a ride or in a race. Just put a tube in and go.

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I've been riding Clement X'Plor MSO 36 on my Ridley X-trail gravel bike with Enve m50 wheels.  I was planning to ride the Flintridge 40's tubeless for DK in a few weeks. I mounted up the rear tire last night and had no issues getting it to seal up.  I'm going to have to measure it to see how wide it is on this set of wheels.  I only have about 3/16-1/14" clearance in the rear. I may mount up a 35 this weekend to see how wide it is as well.

Can't speak to riding on them yet, that is this weekend's task.
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