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Hi  !!!

The Greek Cycling Touring Club (Audax Randonneurs Grece) organizes in May 20, 2017 a Gravel Brevet ride, the first in Greece Brevet ride which mainly follows all types and forms of gravel tracks. The route of 200 kilometers starts from the city of Halkida and follows channel paths, rivers and lakeside routes in the hilly terrain on Central Greece. 

Let me write a few words about our club. The "Audax Randonneurs Grece" is the official road brevet operator in Greece. It was founded in 2014 and is based in Athens. The Club runs all the road cycling brevet events in accordance with the terms and rules of "Brevet Randonneurs Mondiaux" and "Audax Club Parissien". Of course our Club conducts the qualifying brevets for the top randonneuring event Paris- Brest - Paris every four years. The club website is

Back to the Brevet ride !!! As you have already realized we are roadies which means we usually don't ride in gravel roads unless there is no other option or just for fun. Actually having fun was the reason for this gravel road adventure. Last year I designed and rode the course along with 2 friends as a test ride. You can find it on Strava here . The club members were excited about this ride so we decided to run the event as a new brevet in our calendar this year.

Here are some photos of the course.

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