I am looking for some information on the type of roads in and around the Henry Mtn. range. I just did a vacation (I'm from North Carolina) near that area and rode Notom Rd through Captiol Reef to Boulder and did the Hole in the Rock Rd out of Escalante. I want to come back next year and check out those mountains. Are they gravel roads or paved in that area?
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The best source that I have found for planning gravel rides in new areas is the Benchmark Road and Recreation Atlas books. They are available for 12 western states, and Utah is one of them. The map legend within these atlases makes it easy to determine which roads are paved and which are gravel.
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I always liked using Delorme's Utah atlas.
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The Utah State Highway Map will show any paved road in that area:

They're pretty much all gravel, similar to Notom Rd & Burr Trail.

Here's a trip report from a guy that rode in the Henry Mtns:

Aquarius Plateau above Boulder has good riding too.
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