Anyone tried riding the fire roads in the Uintas?  I see a lot of potential up there but don't have a lot of time to scout.  The big problem I see is that all the possible loops are pretty short - you'd have to do a lot of connecting.
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Three of the girls that I work with did a ride up around Soapstone Basin and the reports were that the roads were pretty tore up from mass ATV traffic. Two out of the three enjoyed the ride and all three loved the scenery.

I plan on exploring the Uintas next year and get all the way up near Vernal and Flaming Gorge in Dagget County.

Please share routes as you find them and I'll do the same.
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North slope is really nice, there's over 100 miles of gravel up there.  Currant Creek & Strawberry area have some really nice roads too.

What are you looking for?  I've ridden a bunch up there and could help plan a route.

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North slope is definitely more doable than Strawberry.  Got a brand-new baby so I have to limit it to day rides.  One of my friends made a video of a 50-mile 4x loop that looked like it would be a hoot (with a little HAB) on a gravel bike. He never did tell me where it was.  I think that was near Kamas - Soapstone Basin maybe?  Anyway, I'm looking for something longer than 30 miles and kind of near Salt Lake.
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My favorite spot in the Uintas is head up the Evanston side to Bear River Lodge, take the road east where the big ATV parking lot is and ride til you're done. 

ATV traffic thins out after Elizabeth Ridge.




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Or head east from Heber, lots to explore up that way.


See the road? [biggrin]

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