As a complete newbie to the gravel grinding scene I am having lots of trouble finding any ride reports of past rides. When I did ultra distance cycling one of the things I use to always do is read as many ride reports as I could read. I probably have spent about 2 weeks trying to find out as much info as I can on rides/races and haven't been able to find out much info.

Case in point is that I did find what I guess I would call a low profile ride for my first ride in the Farmer's Daughter in Chatham NY May 21st. Had I know about the Mountain State Dirty Double I would have stayed local as I only live around 40 miles from the WV line on I-81.

I just saw now that there was a Brandywine Valley Roubaix in April but it didn't show up in my search of gravel grinding races. I think if more info can be put out there of local rides the sport can only grow.

I have bought a 2016 Raleigh Tamland 1 for that steal of a deal price that I found over at Bike Forums. I haven't got it back from the Raleigh LBS as I didn't know how to install the front caliper system for the disk brake system. I have been reaching out to everybody I can to try and get the bike set up the best way I can and am awaiting a few last minute additions and have about a month actually 3 weeks to get use to the bike before my first real test at the Farmer's Daughter.

Coming from the ultra scene of rando riding and some other crazy one day races I am really curious as to how the gravel grinding compares to it. I will say I have kind of lost my nerve some riding at night  on my favorite training route when I was struck by a drunk with his mirrors back in Jan. He just clipped me at my lower left waist but a little more and I probably wouldn't be typing this.

I hope to see many of you out there at the rides and maybe even ride the Kanza 200 next year or the following year.

Thanks for any ride reports or future rides in the Mid Atlantic region area.
Even listing your rides here on this forum would help out us newbies.
If it was easy it wouldn't be a memory. You just hope you don't have all your memories in the same ride. been there dun that Zman
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I live in Boiling Springs and ride Michaux all the time and want to spend more time in the Tuscarora. There is lt of good riding right out your windows. Hope to see out there.
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Here's the event page for a ride I put together! Looking for anyone to come out and have fun! All level's and food after!

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