Planning a 3 day dirt road tour in the south section of the GMNF for the swift campout this year.

Here is the plan:

Friday June 22:

Parking - Walmart in North Adams MA. I’m planning to call ahead for permission.

Leave from Wally World and head north into GMNF over dirt near the Hoosic River. Thru Bennington and over some nice dirt roads up to Kelley Stand Rd. This is an awesome dirt mountain pass to the Grout Pond Camp.

45-50ish miles. 4-5000 ft

Saturday June 23:

Linger at camp for extra cups of coffee and wake and bake. No rush out of camp only 35-45 miles to do depending on legs/mood and route choice.

Head south on FR71 then some pavement/dirt mix to Stagecoach Road - another dirt mountain pass - may be a little rougher than the buttery gravel of Kelley Stand Rd.

This will take us up over 2000 ft to the AT where we can camp at the Congdon Shelter on the AT - it’s not far from the road.

Sunday June 23:

Again no rush out of camp 30-40 miles to get back to North Adams depending on route choice. Dirt descent back into Bennington. Last chance to stock up on Burlington Beer Co. brews! Then dirt crossing back into mass and south to north Adams.

I will post the routes here later today but suffice it to say they are dirt heavy and per usual in Vermont there will be plenty of climbing. I know the are pretty well.

I’ll be going solo if the multiple feelers I’ve put out don’t generate much interest.
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