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Since completing (or getting it to a ride-able point) my gravel bike build I have riding it a handful of times...but always on the same route.  While it is a good route, I was looking for a change of scenery, but time has been short lately.

Yesterday I got out for a couple of hours...leaving my house and riding to the local Greenway trails system (gravel/multi use) I can get an enjoyable 22 miles in.  The spring weather is nice though there was a little threat of rain.

Anyway, while I am enjoy my bike and riding off road...and I would describe my gravel experience as being somewhere between road biking (perhaps my main passion) and mountain biking...I am discovering that either my bike is heavy and slow; I am REALLY weak and not in the shape I think I am; or that gravel riding is just slower.  (Actually, I guess I'm hoping for a combination of all 3 as being true.)

But doesn't matter.  I enjoy riding a bike I built up and the different scenery on these off road excursions are fabulous.  Well, thanks for letting me share!  Hope everyone can ride soon and stay safe.


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