Like many others I got really interested late last year when I heard about the new Diverge. But since I’m on a budget (a to expansive road bike already my wife says...) I planned to go for the E5 aluminium version.
But like others I got doubtful by the restricted tire clearance of (barely) 38 mm in the back. Being used so far to 1,75” MTB tires on an old hardtail for gravel I felt this would be to skinny. But now I don’t know. When I look at the race results for the DK200 and other major events the podium finishers most often seems to ride 38c. I can by no means compare myself with those pros, but if it works it works.
So two questions to you guys:
A, I’m thing of the E5 with a 38c in the back and a 42c upp front. Would they work?
B, I’ve heard I would even stay away from the knobblier or “higher” 38’s in the back due to the restricted fit in the frame. So what 38’s could that be?
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Can't see any probs with a larger tyre on the front.

You'd be the best to determine if those max widths are going to be enough for where you ride. 

I tend toward mixed riding: road/gravel/rocky singletrack with a lot of climbing and exploring, so I tend to stick to 650b and 48mm and/or 2.1". 

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