Anybody else riding singlespeed in the LA area? I live in Glendale, and ride all around Glendale, Pasadena, Altadena, Burbank, to Downtown, Long Beach, Griffith park area, etc.--just exploring really. I ride a ss rigid 29'r MTB geared 32x20 for my dedicated trail riding which I can handle for all the gnarly rocky climbs here, but for everything else, my varied "adventure" riding --from pavement to fire roads --I've been riding a Surly Cross Check ss since the beginning of the year. Started with 42x17, now at 42x18 and doing OK--getting a great workout--- but at 56 years old sometimes I start thinking I'm working too hard around here. But on the flats I can't imagine going any easier. I'm something of a noob really - only been serious about this for a few years, so I don't have much comparison. Curious what other SS folks are running!
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Single speed is all about being stubborn and making compromises. That gear is what I ride and have been on a single speed most of my life.

Plenty strong to push bigger gear, but this works. I live where there are many steep hills and some flat. You will get strong enough in time. Just keep riding and enjoy. If it's not fun, then change gears until it's fun most of the time.
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