anyone informatios about this fork?
Like useable for an Gravelbike, as Lynskey Gr 260 or Niner Rlt 9 steel?
thanks alot.
i am really interested in this , but not sure about it .
also thinking about Niner gravel carbon or Curve
dom Salsa-Firestarter-110-carbon-deluxe-fork_2-480x960.jpg 
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IIRC, or at least the one on our Fargo is a high (long) axle to crown to match a suspension fork. I don't know if those other frames are made for that much suspension.

As far as other information, it gives your bike a nice ride. I think newer versions of it have accommodated fenders.
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This is a suspension corrected fork made for frames with an MTB geometry. The axle to crown length on the Firestarter fork is 483mm, the average gravel fork is around 395-400mm. So no, you couldn't use it in any of the bikes you listed. 

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I am in the process of considering a custom build and looking for a fork too. So far the RodeovSpork is my leading contender (also easy to paint as it is available unfinished).  What else is out there that anyone recommends?


Ride on! [cool]
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