Anyone run Shimano RS505 levers on bars with some decent flare? I’m currently running VO Dajia Far bars (same as Genetic Digest or Origin8 Ergo Sweep OS) and I can’t get a setup I’m happy with between the angle of the bars and the angle of the levers. With the drops set up to be comfortable to get aggressive on singletrack, the hoods are a bit below level and a feel awkward on pavement. The hoods on the RS505’s aren’t as tall as most levers so I’m thinking that’s the root of the problem, so switching to RS685’s might help. It’s a lot easier to change bars so that’s why I’m looking for suggestions from anyone using the same levers. I messed with them quite a bit before wrapping and ended up rewrapping them twice. As an aside, I got ESI’s RCT wrap since they advertise it being reusable ... it bonds to itself and it’s falling apart after the second wrap. It’s comfy, but I wouldn’t recommend it for repeated rewraps. I have some cheap Kalloy UB22 bars I picked up for a gravel parts build experiment that I’ve since torn down. They were pretty ideal with Gevenalle levers, but I have yet to give them a shot with the RS505’s. Anyone else run these levers with flared bars they are happy with?

Edit: changed title to see if anyone bites ... crickets over here.
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