Some pictures from the 2017 Rocheport Roubaix ride;

Route map:

Aerial view of the route:

The ride was great. Weather in January can be unpredictable. The original event date of January 15th was canceled due to an ice storm. The event was postponed to the 29th and the weather was warmer than predicted and partly sunny skies prevailed. There was a 10-20mph wind from the north that made one open section along the Missouri river monstrous. The only way to survive the unsheltered sections was to form an eshelon with several other riders.

The route is equally divided into paved and unpaved sections. The entire route features short but steep hills. The route is set along the Missouri river, not far from Columbia Missouri. Columbia is the home of UM. The route takes cyclist down to the river's flood plain and then back up a steep set of ridges along the valley wall. Plenty of 10-20+ percent climbs, too many to count. The gravel is well maintained with very loose medium aggregate over a firm substrate. Most of the gravel sections feature a packed set of lines, but sometimes it was all loose. A bit like riding on ball bearings.

Gravel riding in January is a good cure for cabin fever. I only wish I still had October levels of fitness, Those climbs and headwinds were brutal. I reduced my mileage by intentionally taking a shortcut, which made the day manageable.It was a demanding four hours and very good to get outdoors this time of year.

Some of the starters;

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Thanks for sharing. I was watching from a far. Was in Iowa the original weekend of the ice storm and glad you were able to change it. The gravel looks great. 
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