Another excellent Missouri Gravel Ride was held in Jefferson City today. The Red Dog event held a 50 and 100 mile ride on Saturday, November 5th.



On Friday, packet pickup was offered and Salsa showed a wide range of bikes in almost every size. I was sized to the Warbird and Cutthroat. Both bike are lightweight rockets that offer an upright fit and huge tire clearance. I didn't expect the road-bike like acceleration available while test riding.



Saturday had a start just after dawn and temperatures were about 37F. The route takes riders across the Missouri river and the first 10 miles is flat "river bottoms". Then a substantial climb up the valley completes the first 15 miles. Surprisingly, half of the first 15 miles is paved, including the climbs. From 15 miles to the 32cd mile is a mostly gravel roller coaster with a wide range of surfaces from firm & smooth to loose marbles over course.




I installed 700x45 WTB Riddler tires on my six year old, heavy-duty Monstercross build. The tires are the fastest I've used in this size. They are overkill on all but the choppy 30mph descents, but they roll well enough on smoother surfaces to keep a smile on my face.


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