Does anyone have a rear rack that they really like? Some I have looked at seem too weak and not that nice looking. I would like to buy one that is well built and looks like its meant to be there, not look like an after thought.

Im riding a breezer radar 57cm with 700c wheels.

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If you haven’t bought one already, I’d suggest the Kuat NV or Sherpa. I owned the Sherpa before selling it to get a roof rack. Only reason why is because I’m going to be moving out of my Jeep to a Mini in about a year and a half, so I’m wanting a rack now that I can use on the car I have and the car I’ll have in the future.

The Sherpa was awesome, a rock solid offering from Kuat. It has the screw piece to tighten the ball on the hitch insertion piece against the hitch to prevent movement and swaying. It’s very sturdy and has the ability to be tilted away from a vehicle to access the trunk. Loved that rack a lot. If I was keeping my Jeep, I’d have the Sherpa still.
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