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Hey all, 

So... the wife and I would love to go somewhere to ride for a week or two this summer. 

We're trying to get ideas about places that meet the following criteria:
- We can ride between 50-80miles per day
- Uncrowded/No to little traffic
- Not too hot (preferably cool and... rainy is actually ok)
- Hilly to Mountainous
- Not high altitude
- Decent food/culture/off bike options... or something special going on... define as you will
- minimal to no need for daily driving

We are pretty spoiled, living in a dirt riding paradise with great food...etc.. so our expectations are likely totally unrealistic
but... we need to get away. 

In the past we've gone to and loved; 
- Crested Butte
- Vancouver Island/BC
- Whitefish/Glacier/Banff

We could do a hub type trip or don't mind riding place to place. 

So... if you were us, where would you go? 




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My first guess would be that you can't go wrong with any of those, but seems like Crested Butte might not meet your criteria for "Not high altitude".

I've never been to Vancouver Island / BC, so can't talk to that, but I love the area from Glacier over to Spokane. Going to the Sun Road, Kootenai NF, Hungry Horse Reservoir, Route of the Hiawatha and Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes and the Cabinet Mountain area east of Sand Point etc are all great areas.

We'll be in southern Idaho this year for our travel, but really want to get back to the Panhandle again soon.

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