Would appreciate any good help with this. Thanks.

I have a steel gravel grinder/Monster Cross that I will use mainly off road. I took my 29er/700 wheels off another bike and the tire as well (2.2) I realized in the rear I can fit almost a 2.2 tire. But the Fork Crown to axle measurement is about 395mm and allows a 700x45-47 but not a larger/taller 29er tire such as the 2.2. I was told if I buy a 410mm crown to axle measurement fork it will allow a 29er tire and not change the Geometry too much. Current rake is 45, New fork is 42 and is a 26er fork. I did find a 420mm fork that says it fits a 29er wheel but thought that would throw off the geometry too much. The 410 fork seems the way to go. just want to make sure since it is being ordered online that the wheel and tire will fit as I don't want to have to send it back. Anyone with this experience or knowledge. Or, do I just get a 650b wheel set and keep the current fork?

Thanks in advance for answering
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Depending on your head tube diameter(s) this may limit your choices. Most newer forks that are meant for mire than just CX will come with tapered steerer tubes. If your head tube is tapered, you're likely golden. If it's 1.125" straight, your choices will probably be limited to CX forks. 
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