This prototype full sus gravel ride from Niner got a lot of attention yesterday.

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IMHO by the time you get to full suspension you're talking drop bar mountain bike.  It's funny to see Niner coming out with a FS "gravel bike" at the same time there's a growing number of "purist" mountain bikers running rigid 29'ers.  Blurring of the lines??? [crazy]

Thanks for sharing the info - I'll have to keep an eye on this and take one out for a demo ride if and when they're available!

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"Holy washboards" is the name of my new sleeper bank account.  
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Seems like a Lidar topography scanner connected to articulated actuarial servos within the shock absorbers controlled by image stabilizer software would be able to produce a more comfortable ride.
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But why? All that fork and hardware and stuff for what, maybe 30-40mm of 'suspension'? 50c tires aren't enough kush for yer tush? More dollars than sense. 
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I like what they did with the logo on the downtube - but that's about it.
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tdilf ... agree the logo is nice .... but I am afraid my electric motor mounts are going to scratch those,
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This needs a shockstop stem and dropper suspension seatpost.  And probably a motor because it's the Fredliest thing I've ever seen.  It's not even in the big ring on display.
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count me out on this one.....
not even a good concept really

we got a $1000 obsolete bar from one maker
suspension posts
another $1k (or more) front shock from another

why on earth we don't have slingy's as top tube and down tubes to aborb all that shock is beyond me 

and +1 on if the display bike is in the granny gear....really
what would Eddy Merckx do?? 
yes, i said it
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It's not even a prototype - not even a mule, it's a plastic mold to show what it could look like with some linkage parts and other knickknacks from existing Niner bikes. Seems like overkill, but if they can get the weight down and it doesn't handle like a wet rag, there could be a place for this.
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I'd put a leg over it in a heartbeat.
I'll try almost any type of bicycle once, as long as it is me doing the pedaling.  I am quite hesitant to think this could do a better job at a weight comparable to either my Diverge or Cutthroat, but I'd be willing to have a go at it to see what it can offer
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I don't get it but it got them headlines.  I imagine with new owners at Niner that was really what they were trying to accomplish
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I think it is an interesting bike for those that want to ride a lot of singletrack on their gravel bike.  But on gravel I just don't see much use for that much suspension.  I have ridden a 23 lb Santa Cruz TRC with 650b Thunder Burt tires on gravel.  The suspension really wasn't active and did nothing to damp vibrations.  I actually found it just made me ride slower with no added benefit, my body felt just as fatigued as it does on my gravel bike.
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