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A couple weeks ago my stock Weinman Impulse rear wheel picked up a hop. The lbs tried and failed to fix. The following is a user report from a mediocre cyclist who likes to ride all surfaces. 

So I decided to plunk down some hard earned cash and upgrade. My budget was $400 and I wanted something affordable,durable and reliable. American Classic has a good reputation and just so happened to have a sale and I bought the TCX @my price point. They are a local Tampa,Fl based company too.

While I was shopping I was amazed at how much you can spend on wheels. The wheels came pretaped with one layer of blue tape as seen in photos and a set of valve stems which my Blackburn Piston 3 pump thinks are too short but still worked. The included stems and tape is a nice bonus and saves some moola right there.

You can see the weights and width in photos and are close to the same as the corp site. They are lighter by~12 oz overall than my stock wheels by 151 grams less in front and 182 grams less in rear.

These installed with a couple of wtf moments but are now ok. The rear wheel would barely spin after bolting up and I had to readjust the brake caliper to accommodate the new wheel. I also have to use the 1.85 mm spacer cause these are 11 speed hubs and I'm using my 9 speed setup. At first it just wouldn't shift and it took me a good long while and a few choice swear words to figure it out. Along with going up and down the h,l b screws all nite. Turns out the rivets on the back of the cassette were not flush and created extra width making the shifting wonky. I filed the rivets down flush and now it shifts normal.

A/C includes excellent printed material with installation and maintenance information. Lubing the valve stem is a new to me tip that I discovered reading thru. This somewhat prevents sealant from sticking.

I used my Blackburn Piston 3 Pump to inflate and for the first time in my tubeless experience they aired up effortlessly after just a few strokes with a hand pump. I am sticking with my sawtooth 42's for the summer. However I did install my Schwalbe g-one 35c just to see and the fit was snug, but I was able to remove with 3 levers and extra effort. This is a good thing cause I love/hate those tires.

I am using my summer blend of home brew sealant, while airing up there was no seepage around the rim with the Specialized Sawtooth tires and after checking overnight there was no air loss YIPPEEE!. So that's all for now and I will update after riding them for awhile.

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First Impressions
I looooove them.... As soon as I jumped on the bike and hit the gas I could feel the difference in the hubs. So smooth and the cartridge bearings  just keep going and going. Right there compared to all previous wheel hubs I've owned these are the best. My first cartridge bearings.

Handling wise they are very nimble for a wide rim, I was able to pick lines left or right, in between very easily. Steering is fast and sure, lively not dead. There's a couple of small descents where I ride that are rocky grassy, sloppy, and dirty. Downhill was very stable and did not wander up or down at moderate speed. Translation (slow speed) lol
Shifting was also smoother maybe due to the hub system.

Average speed was about the same but it was hot as Hell today 95 degrees so I wasn't pushing it but on the flats without any wind they were just cruising along nicely with my 42c's. I managed  23 miles~

Could barely hear the hubs hum over the ambient noise.

The 22 IW should be good down to a 28 or 30c tire and up to who knows.
I had WTB IW23's on different bike and thought they were unlively compared to these so I am thinking IW22 is perfect for me.

This is a high value item for the price paid.

Any questions about them just let me know. 


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