Decent (full-build) carbon all-road for $1800; and steel monster-cross for just over $1000

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I must have received the same email and had the same thought.  Might be a great backup bike and support the Coop as well.  
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I was at my local REI taking a close look at th Co-Op All Road when it hit the floor a month ago and was surprised at the difference in tire clearance between the fork and chainstay. It looked like the rear wouldn't clear a 32c tire and the front was a maybe.
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I've been eyweballing the line for awhile. 250lb weight limit on the touring models is not good.
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After a closer look,that 2017 Co-op Cycles ADV 3.1  has some weird geometry.

The top tube and reach are very short compare to the rest of the bike.Not sure what to make of 
all them spacers over the HT.
For the XL the reach is 370 vs 665 for stack.I was looking at this bike when it went on sale for $800.

The 2018 3.1 looks like almost a completely new bike.
 Chart says reach is 387 vs 631.3 for stack for XL.
Did not look at the other ADV models.

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