hello all,

i have some 700x41 knards that won't quite fit in my miyata triple cross. fine in the front, but rubs the stays a bit at the knobs.

i measure them to be at 40mm width at 40-45psi on an 18mm internal width rim. i've tried varying the width of rim in hopes to get them to fit, but they rub regardless.

by comparison, though, i also have some conti speedrides 42mm. however, they actually measure 39-40mm in width on the same rims/same psi and fit with no rub. the difference is the knard has a taller sidewall profile therefore protrude deeper into the stays towards the bb.

so, since the conti's actually go to my wife's ride, i'm looking at the nano as an option. trying to go fat as i can with more knobs than the conti's. been seeing some really good deals for nanos on ebay. a very lightly used pair went for $25 and change just the other day.

i've seen nano width measurements between 38 and 41mm mm on the web depending on rim width, but i wonder about the sidewall profile and how it might compare to the knard...since the width is practically the same as either the knard or the conti's and yet the conti's fit because of the shorter profile

anyone have measurements or knowledge of the knard/nano comparison in this regard? if they're shorter like the conti's, i'm gonna hop on the next deal i see

thank you kindly
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