For those of you in the midsection of the East Coast, check out the Mid Atlantic Gravel Grinders Page.
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Hello, new member here and a newby to  graveling. I am a NJ fella who fixed up a 1974 raleigh 5 speed and love it. I would like info on any rides/events/races
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Hey frontrangegravel. I see you are a moderator on this forum. Why not add a rides forum on this Mid Atlantic forums section. I am a complete newbie to grael grinding but not to cycling. I have done the rando riding 200k 300k 400k 600k and finished 2 1200k's Cascades and Rocky Mt. 1200k and some other crazy ultra rides. I just purchased a Raleigh Tamland 1 for a sweetheart of a deal for $799 + $48 tax thru Raleigh's Corporate deal and feel like I stole the bike. lol I am still trying to get it set up right with accessories and it was taken to my local Raleigh LBS as I didn't know how to install the front brake caliper for the disk wheel and for overall checking to make sure everything on the bike is set up right.

I have already have entered my first ride/race which seems to be low keyed Farmer's Daughter in Chatham NY.

If it was easy it wouldn't be a memory. You just hope you don't have all your memories in the same ride. been there dun that Zman
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