Anyone else rolling at MMM? I’m signed up for the 40 but started thinking I only have three events in the long course gravel series so why not the 60. I did a bit of reading and it sounds like a crazy tough course. I have a CX bike that I use for gravel with a 38 on the back and a 42 on the front. I struggled in the sand at C2C. I have access to a full suspension mountain bike as well and can ride either. Curious what bike people would recommend for that course, realizing it’s probably dependent on the weather.

Also, I am a Big guy and can’t climb so it has the potential to be a very long day.
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The 40 is the good race, very fun, the 60, not so much.  If you can't climb well then do the 40.  Whether is also a huge factor.  Cold rain, a very real possibility, will make either event suck, but the 60 will suck more as there will be lots of hike-a-bike.  If my schedule works out I'll sign up for the 40 but will never make the mistake of doing the 60 again.  If I want to hike I'll go for a hike but I do not find it interesting or fun to hike my bike.  I find is incredibly annoying.

You might also want to consider the Lowell 50.  That is also a good race with some climbing but no hike-a-bike.
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DerekJ is dead on. And yes, the course is tough but not super crazy. It's fun in some odd way.

The 60 in good weather conditions is good race but I hope you like climbing! If the weather is anything other than dry, (cool weather isn't too bad) it's going to be brutal. I've done them both and in wet conditions, it was miserable. The roads are soupy, turns ares hairy, descents are terrifying as the sand washes out to the bottom and really makes you... "pucker" for a lack of better words. The 60 also contains some season roads with sand and some good sized gravel as well. The climbs are gnarly as well. The Diablo mountain climb is on asphalt so it's not as bad... but that's about it.

The 40 eliminates the seasonal roads and the big white knuckle descent that's in the 60 miler. You do however get the 2.x mile climb of Diablo Mountain and some other smaller climbs in the 40.

If you're wanting to give yourself a good test of a somewhat challenging course, the 40 is the way to go. If you want to take yourself to the limit, test your legs as well as your mental and psychological stability, the 60 is the way to go!

I was going to race again this year but I'm not sure if the schedule will allow. Just got a new bike that I need to build up and get dialed in. So we'll see if the stars align.

Either way, good luck! Let us know what you choose and your review of the race!

I am registered for the Lowell 50. This will be my first time for the Lowell so I'm stoked.
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