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I am not sure if you can give an online Company a plug here or not. If you can't I will gladly erase this thread. I just made an order with Jenson USA tonight and I couldn't be happier. I ask the guy if the Company had any discounts right now. He said yes on one item and would take my order over the phone. Scott was the Rep. and before we were done he Discounted a pair of Flintridge Pro tubeless tires 20% off. I also wanted the 16 oz. of Orange Seal Endurance. He said they were out of that for 2 weeks but he would sell me 2 8 oz. bottles for the same price as the 16 oz. IMHO you can't get better service/sale than that.


If it was easy it wouldn't be a memory. You just hope you don't have all your memories in the same ride. been there dun that Zman
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