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What do you all think of this new one from Ibis? Here's the website, if you want to dig in more. Saw it today and I'm interested to hear the opinions of the crowd. 

1.jpg  4.JPG 

This is the info they have on the website:

The Hakka MX is our answer to the Swiss Army Knife. It’s the bike we’d choose if, heaven forbid, we could only have one bike. 

The Hakka MX is a gravel bike. It’s also a cross bike and a road bike. We’ve logged a few bike packing trips on the Hakka too. 

You can outfit the bike with 27.5 mountain bike wheels, where it’ll accept up to a 2.1” tire. 

In 700c mode, it’ll accommodate very nicely tires from 23c to over 40c.

With the hydraulic brakes being so good on CX/road/gravel bikes now, coupled with the ability to run big-volume big-traction tires, this bike is a total blast on dirt (especially fast flowing singletrack).  


  • Ability to run 700C Wheels or 27.5" Wheels
  • 142mm through axle rear dropout spacing
  • T47 Threaded Bottom Bracket
  • Versatile Internal Cable Routing
  • Compression Molded Carbon Dropouts
  • Disc Brake Compatible
  • Two Color Choices, Fireball or Coal
  • Dropper Post Compatible
  • Headset is: IS 41/28.6 upper, IS 52/40 lower
  • 1.5" Tapered Head Tube
  • Warranty: 7 years


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It's a looker for sure!  Checks a lot of boxes for me, though I find the rear fender mount a bit contrived and the fork has no mounts, which is a deal breaker for me...

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Looks facinating.

In general, I want something more nimble than the traditional gravel bike.  I like cross bikes, but they are not really designed to be used day to day - and I do like fenders on a gravel bike - especially in the winter.  Being able to occasionally use a rack would be great too.  

This looks like a good alternative to the Open UP.  
I'm leaning towards a Canyon Inflite CF SLX, as it is agile, versatile (for my needs), and takes 40mm tires (I'm assuming 50mm spacing with 5mm clearance each side?)

I like the hand job (between the seat stays) to hold a fender if you need on!
With fairly aggressive geometry:
chainstays measure 430mm, with a 70mm bottom bracket drop and a 72º head tube angle in the size 58cm
It looks to me that it would be fun on both road and single track, and not so laid back and relaxed as most gravel bikes. 

I like the idea of one bike to rule them all (with wheeel/tire changes).  A bike that I can make fit me like a glove and has that wonderful familiarity no matter what the terrain throws at me.

Other bikes of this type:
  • Open UP
  • 3T Exploro
  • Salsa Warbird
  • Bombtrack’s Hook EXT-C,
  • Norco Search XR

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chas, those are kind of my thoughts as well on this one

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Had the previous version of the Hakkalügi for a few years and it was one of the best cx/gravel bikes I've ever owned. Sold it last year and it was tough to let go. It was limited to barely clearing 40c tires, but man was it a ripping machine. So adept on any surface from smooth-as-glass pavement, all kinds of gravel, to super technical singletrack. CX proven geo with a couple Masters WC titles. It ate it all up. Now with proper clearance and claiming lighter than the original. Only if I was in the market...

The only minus I see is the Enve fork. Nothing to do with quality. It's a great race fork, but I think a more adventurous spec with eyelets would have really made this thing. Maybe the post mount front with a flat mount rear is kinda goofy too. Either way, it's a helluva machine.

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It's weird that they put so much effort into having the rear fenderable, then threw it all out with the front fork.

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Originally Posted by drwelby
It's weird that they put so much effort into having the rear fenderable, then threw it all out with the front fork.
Ibis does provide a link to these Strap-on PlanetX fenders so they gave it that much thought. SPEEDEZ BIKE FENDERS - 700C X 35MM.
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