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When I upgraded to a modern Gravel bike earlier this year, I expected an increase in speed on soft gravel with minimal loss of speed on rail-to-trail gravel paths and on pavement. Previously, I have been using a Carbon Cyclocross bike with 700x37 Vittoria Hyper tires, these are lightweight slick touring tires that roll exceptionally well.

The gravel bike with tightly packed small knobs type gravel tires (Clement MSO) was simply no match for the slick 700x37 Vittoria Voyager Hyper tires on firmer gravel and pavement. The lightweight and supple Hyper was about 1 or 2 mph faster on pavement and that can add up on longer rides. However, the Hyper is not tubeless and the Cyclocross bike lacked disc brakes. These are two key improvements available with the new gravel bike. While I never had a flat of any kind with the Hyper, the risk of pinch flats kept me looking for an ideal tubeless gravel tire that wasn't slow on pavement.

Wanting a tire that was light and supple but that was also large volume and tubeless, I came across two models with a nearly slick tread design: the 700x35 Schwalbe G One, and the 700x38 Hutchinson Override.

Hutchinson Override 700x38

Size: 700x38, about 39mm wide, about 400 grams each.
Tread pattern: minimal file tread pattern in the center, progressively larger file tread on the shoulder.
Construction: 127 tpi, flat protection included, tubeless
Performance on pavement is excellent, like most road bike tires
Performance on firm gravel is excellent with very good cornering grip on a hardpacked fine gravel
Performance on deep or soft gravel is acceptable, float and traction is sufficient due to the wide footprint and supple construction.
Durability: good so far
Ride: super smooth and plush

The tire was eventually easy to install tubeless with a standard floor pump. I did pre-fit the tire using a tube and let it take shape at 80psi for 48 hours. This allowed the tire to seat quickly and hold air with 30 ml of sealant.

The Hutchinson Override is lightweight and very fast rolling. The Override helped me nearly produce the same kind of speeds I experience on my road bike on pavement with 700x25 Rubino Pro tires. At 60 psi rear, 45 front the tire is smooth and fast on pavement while offering good traction and a smooth ride on the gravel that is common in my area. I'm sure it becomes super plush at 30% lower air pressures, I'll experiment with the air pressure in future.

The textured tread and soft rubber compound provides super high levels of traction on pavement and on most types of gravel.
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