The stock wheels on my gravel bike bike are not great. I replaced the rear with a PowerTap wheel I stole off my XC bike so I'm happy there but the front has me thinking too much. Currently I'm using the stock front wheel but its only 19mm internal width and i'd prefer to get more out of my Resolutes than that wheel can give me. I have 2 other wheels lying around one is 21mm internal, the other is 23mm, unfortunately they both have crappy hubs, that's why they're lying around unused. Both have play in them that is impossible to remedy. I'm thinking of taking an ill advised shot at wheel building and the first step would be picking a 12mm thru-axel hub (the LBS will save me when I screw up). I would like to keep costs as low as possible but I don't want to turn a crappy wheel into another crappy wheel so I need a recommendation for a decent, serviceable hub that can stand up to some gravel abuse.
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Lots of good hubs out there.  So long as it's a "reputable" vendor, it's hard to pick a bad one.  I'm using a Bitex MTF10 I purchased from prowheelbuilder.com and it's been solid for well over 2K of gravel riding.  I laced it to an old Stan's wheel and it's been very reliable and maintained it's "true".  Building your own wheel is not as tough as it might seem.  Just be patient and make small adjustments around the wheel, instead of doing too much on one section.  Good luck!
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Depending on the level of cost vs risk you want to take, the DT Swiss 350 is great bang for you buck and virtually futureproof with adapters to fit almost any fork dropout config.
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Bitex or DT Swiss.  Both about the same I suppose when you are looking at retail prices.  The Bitex hubs have really come out shining.
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