Headed for the central Washington wheat fields and scablands today. 84 miles, 6800' vert.
Rode Elmar with 42mm extra light slicks. Worked well.
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Okie Outdoorsman
Those are great pictures!  Thank you for posting them.  Very beautiful scenery and must be a blast to ride!  Glad to see someone else running fenders on their gravel bike.  I leave mine on year-round.  Do a lot of gravel commuting to work, so it is a good fit for me.  

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Good stuff. That's something I want to start doing more some of my rides. Especially the gravel stuff since it just seems like gravel roads lead to some of the more beautiful places.
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Great pics man. Thanks for sharing
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Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. I think it is easy to travel through a paved road. Now a days many homeowners are preferring paved driveways Nassau county, which is good increase the value of the property.
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Now that's my kind of 'gravel' ride! Thanks for sharing, Shiggy.  [thumb]
Unlearn pavement.
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Shiggy diggy do. When you making clothes again? Shiggy the original drop bar wizard
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