I guess I´ve been riding gravel and forest roads for the last 20 years. All this time I´ve been shouting about how much fun it is  and trying to get other Danish cyclists out there with me. Unfotunately it was only proper cycling if it was riding racing bikes on the road or mountain bikes in the rough. It´s great  to see that others have found out about the excitement and challenges of gravel riding.
Over the years I´ve built a variety of bikes specifically for gravel riding using the parts available. The majority of them have functioned pretty well.
The last bike was built in 2014 around a Nishiki alu. frame and steel forks from 2002. The bike is a mix of parts and has functioned perfectly since it was built with just normal maintenance. The bike is constantly evolving to my needs. The lastest addition being a Brooks Cambium C 17 rubber saddle. Comfort from the very first ride. Despite it´s age this has turned out to be a fantastic bike with extreme comfort over long distances and excellent handling in all types of terrain.
Denmark is a very agricultural intensive country so most gravel roads have already disappeared. Luckilly there are still a few remaining plus many forest tracks of varying quality so there is still room to ride.
Unfortunately Denmark is quite conservative when it comes to cycling so as yet there´s not much of a gravel scene but things are starting to stir and people are beginning to show an interest in gravel. Most of the major bike names also have gravel bikes in their model ranges so this will hopefully give a push in the right direction.
My current gravel basher, a 2002 Nishiki frame and forks mounted with assorted parts.
070517. JD. billeder 004.JPG  070517. JD. billeder 004.JPG  160517. JD. billeder 007.JPG 
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Hey, I live in Vejle and just bought a gravel bike. 

If you have any suggestions of good gravel paths in Jutland or Funen, I would love to hear about them!

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Can't help I' m afraid. I live on Zealand and only cycle on Zealand.
Try the Facebook group Gravel Cycling Denmark. This group has members from the whole of Denmark so someone should be able to help you.

Cheers, Jerry.
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