I'm new to the site and gravel riding in general.

I'm looking for some great routes near Fort Collins. I'd like to do some climbing, if possible. I've searched quite a bit on the web, and as best I can through these posts, but seem to be coming up empty-handed. 

I've heard Pennock Pass is a good ride, but it's still closed (last I knew). I've also heard Old Flowers Road just west of Rist Canyon is a great ride. Thoughts? 

Recently I've been riding on roads east of I-25, mostly in Weld County because it's extremely close to my workplace.

Bottom line -- I'm looking to find some sweet rides from Fort Collins that will maybe put me up in the mountains, or take me up north towards Red Feather, or anything else awesome.

Thanks for the help!


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Two good resources:

Colorado Gravel Roads - the "Routes" dropdown (visible only on desktop browsers) has a bunch of rides from Fort Collins.

NoCo Gravel and Alt/Road Cycling Facebook group has ride information, including the Winter Ralleye Series that covers a lot of the better roads to the west.
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Demian Sage
Go north of Red Feather Lakes - I'm planning to be up that way quite a bit this next year. We have a small piece of property on the Wy/Co border so have explored a fair bit. Plenty of climbing up that way, if that's your thing. [smile]
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In addition to the awesome "Colorado Gravel Roads" link sent by drwelby, buy a copy of Benchmark Maps Colorado atlas book.  This is my go-to resource for planning Colorado gravel rides because it has a larger scale than a Gazeteer map atlas and the map legend makes it easy to discern paved roads from gravel. 
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