I'm organising a fairly epic 1 day ride in regional Victoria, Australia

113 km, over 50% unsealed roads, self-supported, some steep climbs.

I thought I would post it here just in case there was any interest.

Here is the link to the ride details

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Hi Mate
just read through all this looks to be exactly what I'm wanting to do but not quite set up yet
A guy I ride with has a house at Euroa so we may go out and investigate your ride at another time
Oh and the pic is an Eastern Rosella not a Crimson[wink]
 All the best for the Event(s) hope you get a reasonable turn out and it all goes to plan

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Thanks rsclio,

Yeah one of the things I am trying to encourage is sharing mixed terrain route information - particularly in rural areas.  People know back roads in their own locality but nowhere else.  And to get away from the big event idea.  So IMO instead of having 200 riders on one day a year causing so much disturbance that it has to have payments, permits and sponsors - a better outcome would be to have 10-20 independent riders going each weekend on the documented route for free.  So if you end up going with your mate on another day that's good as far as I am concerned.

Birdwatch (and Australia is the evolutionary source of all parrots and so has the best variety) ... 
I put the picture into Google images and it comes up with lots of crimson rosella hits.  I am no birdwatcher but I do know the eastern rosella or what I call the common rosella around where I live closer to the Murray.  It's multicoloured with yellow and green feathers as well, and a bit smaller.  The birds I saw were only red and blue - particularly long bright blue tails when they fly.  When they were in the trees they look mostly red, but when they took flight and spread their wings and tails they were mostly bright blue.  I doubt they were eastern rosellas.  Now if you were to tell me they were red parakeets or something else you might be correct ..
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I have a ride report from the inaugural Strathbogie Slider ride.  Here is the link...

I thought it may be of interest here due to a uniquely Australian experience ...

"Dropping off the ridge in fading light, through a forest, on gravel for 8km at -8%, to the sound of kangaroos bouncing around at the road edge was a memorable and exhilarating experience, but I don’t think we should try to repeat it."

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I'm planning another Strathbogie ride weekend in March 2016.  If anyone is interested send me an email - you can find the email address at bottom of this link.

The rides will start and finish at Euroa this time - no train leg.

rsclio who commented above ... did you send me your email address previously, are you on my list?
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