It's Sunday morning and it's snowing and I'm thinking about riding my bike to the shop to get my computer.  Half of the reason why is just because it's snowing.

Am I the only one out there who loves riding in weather?  Nobody I know can understand what I like about it and they all think I'm crazy.

So how 'bout it?  Any other 2 wheeled weather geeks out there?
Support your local wheel builder.  Run REALLY LOW tire pressures!
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No weather is too harsh, get out there and ride! 
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Get some
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I like winter riding.  Its a whole different world out there.  Even staying within a mile of where I live, its an adventure.

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It's hard to explain to people about how quiet and serine it is to ride in fresh snow before any people or plows get out there to mess it up. Perfect scenario is to have an untouched snow during the day and clear skies with a full moon at night. True bliss.
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i really enjoy winter commuting.  i feel you on sometimes the snow makes me want to go ride even more.  i'll go out on a ride just BECAUSE it's snowing, even if i have no where to go.

now i live in houston, i didn't realize how much i'd miss the snow [frown]

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I like winter riding so much that I move to Hilton Head SC from New Hampshire every winter. Oh - I've paid my dues over the years living in the North East. My wife is of Norwegian heritage. The Norwegians have a saying: There is no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothing. Miss the skiing though. 
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