I really wanted to make this a component topic because I was wondering what the differences between the ride quality of a carbon fork and an aluminum fork, specifically for the Salsa Journeyman. I have a Raleigh Redux with an Aluminum fork and a Nashbar CX Bike with a carbon fork and since they have different geometries I can't tell much of a difference related to the fork material. 

I test road the 650b Journeyman with Carbon fork and most of the comfort I felt came from the tires. I don't intend to race currently so I am really not sure if I should want to upgrade to the carbon fork or if the aluminum fork will be enough.
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I would seriously advise against getting an aluminium fork; if you really do not want to invest in a carbon one get a steel fork instead. Steel and carbon absorb micro vibrations well; you might not notice this at a first glance but over a distance that fatigue really does accumulate in your arms.
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