Hi, I’ve enquired about the different Alex Rims wheelsets at a couple LBS and no one can get any info on ordering. I’m in Toronto, Ontario. Can people south of the boarder access these wheels?

Basically, I’m looking for pricing and XD driver compatibility on the following:

Alex CXD6
Alex Boondocks 5

If anyone has purchased or has info on a shop where I can call for a quote I’d be happy.

Actually, another wheelset that I can’t get info on locally is the Clement Ushuaia. It looks awesome but I can’t get traction locating it.
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I don't have an answer as to where you could find these wheels.  I do remember talk about the Ushuaia last year, but have not seen any actually for sale yet.

But I am replying to say this, it should be fairly easy to put together a wheel build with the same specs you are seeking, should you not find any of those.
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The Boondocks appear to be available through Mountain equipment coop (MEC.ca).
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