Looking for a larger volume mud/gravel/singletrack "cyclocross/gravel" tire.

Something that is going to roll fast on the gravel but still handle decently in the slop.
I will be riding these in the semi-slop and probably even a few cyclocross races.
I already have 38c Terra Pros for my "mud" tire, but I want something that's going to roll a bit faster yet still be able to shed mud.

Tubeless = required

38c Terra Pros are badass mud tires but roll slow
38c Tracer Pros are badass hardpack tires but can't hang with any mud at all

the only 2 that I know of that seem to fit this bill:
38c Compass Steilacoom
35c GravelKing Mud

40c Ravagers almost seem to fit it but the close knobs in the center seem like they'll pack up fast with slop

interested in any other options.  

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I've been very happy with my WTB Resolute tires. They track straight in the mud and shed it pretty quickly, but roll really well on hard pack.
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I can second the WTB Resolute, that was going to be my suggestion as well.
I'll also say that the Vittoria Terreno Wet doesn't roll as slow as it looks like it would.
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were the Resolutes able to climb in mud?  I'd need them to have a bit of bite, seems like the Resolutes are similar in tread to the tires I have now (Specialized Renegades)

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The Resolutes held their own in mud; not as good as a true mud tire but better than another all-rounder like the MSO.
If the mud traction is the most important factor, I'd take a hard look at the Terreno Wet.  I was climbing up slick slopes at Farmer's Daughter when others were pushing their bikes up!  I've been very impressed with the traction and tread durability on that tire.
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I think you know this anyway, but for what it's worth...
Steer clear of dedicated mud tyres as what you ever gain in mud shedding/traction, you will certainly lose X10 in drag (once on pavement/solid ground/dry gravel). I bought some Ritchie Megabites 38c that were good in the bloop, but truly atrocious on pavement. The lesson I learned was to go with intermediates as a compromise. This of course is invalid advice if your riding is predominantly mud, but most of us ride a mixture of surfaces (certainly on our local rides from the door).
This year (pretty soon now) I will be using GK Mud 35c. The tread doesn't look too knobbly slow.
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I ended up ordering a set of the 35c GK Muds to test out, as Jayson from gravelcyclist had some good things to say about them. 

I have a set of Vittoria Terreno Mix's coming on my cyclocross bike (Cannondale SuperX) so I'll get an idea of how they roll in the races that occur before I transition to the Terra Pro mud tires.

Dedicated mud tires are great when you are in slop, but like you said, they are slow as hell to roll on anything resembling hardpack, and sometimes even just basic surfaces

My race on the 30th should have a very good mix of hardpack, softer dirt, grass, and sloppy mud, so we shall see how it goes
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I've been riding Ravagers for a while now and I really like them. They roll pretty well on hardpack, provide great traction in loose stuff and are confidence-inspiring in corners. They do pick up mud when it's sticky, but they shed it pretty well and have never caused me any problems. I haven't used them in really wet/sloppy conditions, but I have no reason to doubt that they'll work fine. It's a great all-around tire and I plan to keep using them for everything that requires more than a file tread.
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Just wanted to post up a bit here, as I had some time on the GravelKing SK Muds and time on the Terrano Mix.

The SK Muds are a really good mixed surface tire, and for 'gravel mud' they're pretty good, but don't look at them as CX mud tires, because they are definitely not.  

I'd say the Terrano Mix maintained traction as well as the SK Muds on actual sloppy mud and the soft. Both were quite good, neither were true 'mud' tires for CX, but both I would feel very confident on for a long gravel ride with a mixture of conditions, including 'slop'

I'd say overall, I liked the Terrano Mix a bit more for soft/dirt conditions, and the SK Muds a bit more on the gravel I rode.  I think both will be very good choices for gravel conditions that require more than just a basic or minimal file tread. 

The SK Muds (35c) were fairly true-to-size, 35.6mm on a set of 24.5mm internal wheels (I9 Trail 245s)
The Terrano Mix (33c) are definitely large, 35.2mm on a set of 21mm internal wheels (Grail CB7s)

I'd be interested to find out what kind of volume I would get with the 38c Mix's, as I think that would be the more beneficial tire for a longer gravel ride, but I don't know what the comparison would be between, say, a set of Ravagers and a set of Terrano Mix.

I am definitely very happy with the Mix though.  I liked the SK Muds, but not for CX so much.

Anyway, my completely non-scientific review. 

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At the Pony Express 125 we had a couple of muddy sections and one of them was a pretty long hill with sloppy mud. I was riding my 700x42c Cazaderos and had more than enough traction to cruise past those people walking through the mud. These grab in soft dirt, chuncky gravel and mud. This is my most favorite tire for a couple of reasons.

1. As I mentioned before enough traction in mud
2. Sweet solid contact patch down the center

That contact patch is smooth and has very minimal rolling resistance. This is nice for those super hard packed and asphalt sections. I wish they offered it in a 38 or 40mm, but it is what it is and works great all around!

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Nobody here has mentioned the WTB Nano, which has been around for a good while. My mud here in Ca. is full of clay. I am riding Resolutes, if it gets sloppy, they are pretty much useless in the mud/clay but I fear most other tires would suffer the same problem. The Resolute does shed mud very well though. I am ordering a set of Nano's and am going to give them a go. I am going to be riding some very long Gravel rides this year, but not until June/September so I have plenty of time to get my setup dialed.
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I've had the Nanos and I'm just not a fan. 
Slow and heavy for the traction they give, which is purely straight forward as the tyre edge provides very little cornering traction. 

It was popular when it was the only tire in this size range readily available,  but there are a ton of better tires that I've used

Thay said,  there are much better And faster riders than I who swear by them
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